Cantonese Opera

Instructor: Ms. Alice Wong and Ms.Camille Yeung

This 8-week, once weekly course provides an introduction to the rich, traditional art of Cantonese opera, one of the major regional categories of Chinese opera. Chinese opera is an elaborate, dramatic form of storytelling involving singing, instrumentation, martial arts, and acrobatics. Students will gain a historical overview of the art’s deep cultural roots and guided exposure into current practices of the unique art through interactive workshops, demonstrations, and lectures. Material will also include foundational lessons on the performance aspects of stylized body movement, singing styles, costume, hair styling, and makeup. Students will be equipped to more fully appreciate this colorful art culture and be encouraged to further pursue independent study of the topic.

Appropriate for those with little to no experience. Instruction will be in English, knowledge of Chinese is NOT required, all important terms will be translated and romanized. Open to all students and adults, ages 10+.


Alice Wong (2009 Dutchess County Executive Art Award Recipient; Dutchess Arts Council Folk Arts Advisors, Demonstrator and Folklorist; MHCCA President 04’ Cultural Director, current; MHCCA Youth Orchestra Founder; Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum Community Advisory Board Member)

Camille Yeung (M.F.A., Chinese University of Hong Kong; Red Bean Cantonese Opera House Member; SUNY New Paltz Adjunct Lecturer, Chinese calligraphy; Montgomery-Ward School District Educator)

*This project is made possible (in part) through a grant from the Dutchess County Arts Council, administrator of public funds through NYSCA’s Decentralization Program.