Explore Chinese language and culture with us! MHCLC is a family-oriented school for all ages, from pre-K through adults. You can learn to speak Mandarin and write traditional Chinese characters, applying both Zhuyin (bopomofo) and Pinyin phonics. Chinese Arts classes include Yo-yo, Kung-Fu, folk dances and more.

Featured Event

MARCH 28/29/30             The Emperor and the Nightingale by Community Children’s Theatre.                        

MHCLC consulted on various elements and loaned Lion Dance costumes.     www.cctdc.info


MHCLC Launches Ad Campaign in HV Parent

Expanded language and culture class offerings. Help spread the word and increase enrollment. Read more »

2012 Annual ACS Teacher Training Conference

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Hudson Valley Shaolin Temple Opening

MHCLC WuShu Instructor Eric Spindelman will be participating in the opening on 5/5. Read more »