Chinese Culture Day – Nov. 9, 2012

Sunday November 9 – Chinese Culture Day Event

The Mid-Hudson Chinese Language Center (MHCLC) is hosting the Association of Chinese Schools (ACS) Chinese Culture Day event on Sunday afternoon, November 9.

This event is open to the public. Activities will include stage performances of a local Chinese Youth Orchestra, traditional Lion Dance, a traditional Aboriginal children’s dance, Chinese Yo-Yo, Wushu Kung Fu, and Cantonese Opera. There will also be interactive exhibits including a Chinese calligraphy demonstration and Chinese arts & crafts. All performers and exhibitors will be students and parents involved with the MHCLC community.

Event: Chinese Culture Day
Location: Roy C Ketcham Senior High School
Date/Time: Sunday, December 09, 3:00pm – 5:00pm
Admission: $2 Suggested Donation

Families and adults interested in exploring Chinese culture and language will enjoy this event. We also invite representatives of all newspapers, TV/cable, independent journalists and local politicians to help make this event a successful one.

MHCLC is a local Chinese language school, founded 30 years ago by a local IBM-er ( The Chinese school operates on Sundays during the academic year at the Roy C Ketcham High School. ACS is a non-profit organization that promotes Chinese language and culture learning in the USA. The organization has more than 80 active member schools, with over 25,000 registered students, across New England, New York Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DC and Virginia. The President of ACS is Mr Ting Tso-Hui.

Mr. Ting Tso-Hui, ACS President (845) 475-1357
Ms. Daphne Png, MHCLC Principal (845) 559-7738,