Chinese New Year Card Contest Winners

First of all, we want to thank all our teachers for staying after hour yesterday to serve as judges to judge our students’ Chinese New Year Cards that was happily crafted last Sunday Feb 1st during culture hour. The judges took their time to carefully look at each card which are all unique and special and judged in the following categories: creativity; craftsmanship; message content; and legibility/accuracy of words. After their long and careful examinations, the results are the following:


Group 1 (8 years and younger): 1st place – Joseph

2nd place – Charlotte

3rd place – Ethan


Group 2 (9-12 years old): 1st place – Isabela

2nd place – Marcelo

3rd place – Anika


Group 3 (13 years and above): 1st place – Sabrina

2nd place – Dayi

3rd place – Chung Wing


Congratulations to the winners! Prizes will be given at snack bar during break time next Sunday 2/15 and all cards will be on display.


I also want to thank all students who took part in this creative Chinese New Year Card Contest and the parents for their support. It was a tough decision for the judges to make as all students did a wonderful job! Hope you all had fun!